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Expatriate Coaching

Expatriate Coaching allows you to embrace this new adventure with confidence and explore your new strengths.

  • You don't see the benefits of this expatriation?

  • You left your friends, your family and you feel alone? 

  • You don't feel home in this new country?

  • You want to give more meaning to this opportunity?

  • You can't rely on your family because it's also challenging for them or they can't understand?

  • You left your comfort zone and you feel vulnerable?

  • You feel you are enduring this situation that you didn't really choose finally?

The coach does not give any advices about a "successful expatriation". He helps is client understand and integrate the different stages of expatriation, using some tools and studies.  

He is attentive to the needs of his coachee and accompanies him with his questions. The coachee can thus have a different perspective and peacefully become pro-active in order to enjoy this new adventure. Each coaching is unique and adapted to everyone.

  • What do I want this expatriation to be about?

  • Who am I in this new adventure?

  • Who is on my tribe?

  • What do I have in my bag pack to continue this journey?

  • What do I need I don't have already?

  • What blocks me from enjoying this trip?

  • What are the benefit of those road blocks?

  • What needs to be changed?

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The Expatriate Coaching generally takes place between 5 to 10 sessions, ideally weekly at the beginning then more spaced then, so as to root new ways of doing in habits. Insofar if the client lives under the responsibility of his parents, the presence of the parents during the first and last session is often a plus.

3 options

Price per session


Expatriate Package
5 sessions  (5% discount)


Expatriate Package 10 sessions (1 free session)


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