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Stress Management Coaching

Stress management coaching allows everyone (high school student/college student/young people looking for a job) to gain confidence and self-esteem.

  • You lack confidence and would like to feel more confortable on a daily basis?

  • The day before a test or a presentation, you have trouble falling asleep?

  • Before speaking, you have a ball in your stomach, your heart beats faster, your hands are moist and you have trouble breathing?

  • During the test, you have the feeling of having forgotten everything and everything is blurred in your head?

  • Are you having trouble managing the pressure put on you by teachers and/or friends?

  • You don't really appreciate your way of talking, moving and the look of others impresses you?

The coach does not impose a style to adopt or a behavior to take during these moments when the pressure rises. 
The coaching offered to the coachee allows him to imagine things differently to be able to live them differently. 

The coach uses various tools borrowed from various techniques and approaches - visualization, breathing, role playing... Each coaching is unique and adapted to everyone.

The topics covered in stress management coaching are:

  • How to recognize and welcome emotions?

  • What are my own sources of pressure and what do they say about me?

  • How dare to let go of judgment on me?

  • How can I prepare for an event that is important to me?

  • How to visualize my goals in a more peaceful way?

  • What is the right behavior/posture for me to adopt in an anxiety-provoking situation?

Stress management coaching usually takes place over 8 to 10 sessions, usually 1 to 2 weeks apart. The support schedule is based on the specific objective of the coachee, his needs and availabilities.

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If you need help and support with your concerns and want to set up a free 30-minute consultation, please fill out the form, and I'll be in touch with you shortly.

I provide coaching for Santa Clara and San Francisco counties - I also accommodate coaching sessions via Skype or phone. We can connect from anywhere in the world, at any time that works for both our schedules.

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