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College and Career Coaching

Free "30 minute to decide" consultation


Adapted to your situation

My goal is to understand who you are, be aware of what works and what doesn't,

integrate specific tools to manage your stress, your motivation, your organization

and find the right path for you.


You are wondering about your college orientation.

You have too many options? You feel pressured? You are afraid of taking the wrong path? You have inadequate expectations? 


Orientation Coaching allows you to ask yourself the essential questions in a structured way to build your college and professional life


You need to find energy and motivation to reach your goals.

You don't find any sense studying? You don't know if you can make it? You are motivated by everything but studies? 

Motivational Coaching allows you to orient your energy towards your studies in a more efficient and serene way

Stress Management

You want to manage your stress to be more confident and move forward.


You have trouble managing the pressure? You don't feel comfortable in public speaking? Your goals seem like insurmontable mountain? 


Stress Management Coaching allows you to gain confidence and self-esteem


You are looking for better habits and find balance.


Academic Coaching is about exercising leadership in your life. It is as simple as identifying what you really want and as complex as navigating challenging relationships. 

Academic Life Coaching allows you to discover the tools to be pro-active in your life


You want to fully live your expatriation​ with no regrets.


Don't see the benefit of this expatriation? Don't feel "home" in this new country? Left your comfort zone and feel vulnerable? Everyday is challenging? Don't feel supported?


Expatriate Coaching allows you to embrace this new adventure with confidence and explore your new strengths.

Career Transition

You are looking for an interesting and  meaningful career.

You no longer find yourself in your career?  You are experiencing an unexpected change? You can't do your job anymore? 


Career Transition Coaching allows you to find a project aligned with your personal values, your own needs and your environment



Sixtine Gontier

Sixtine is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from The International Coach Federation (ICF). She is a practitioner in Brief Therapy (Lact-Circé France/School of Palo Alto).

She specializes in coaching young people aged 15-25 YO with Elevatio (France) and with the Academic Life Coaching Program (ALC).


She works with young people to help them manage the challenges they face: academic and career orientation, lack of motivation and self confidence, stress management and conflictual relationships, adaptation in a new country.

With a foot in both cultures (French and American), she has a great understanding and knowledge in expatriate students. 


She works with expat spouses who want to find a project that make sense for them (new career, volunteering, entrepreneurship, continuing studies...)


She is the author of the book “Post Bac mode d'emploi ! pour être un expat' bien informé” in which she explains the different options open to young French people who have completed their secondary education abroad (in the French system or in a local system). The book is available on amazon. 


She moved from France to San Francisco in 2011, with her husband and their 4 children. 

"It is on the hope placed in the future

that the individual finds the motivation to pursue”

Chinese proverb

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 1.46.23 PM.png



I would highly recommend that they do a skill assessment with you if they are not happy in their current job.I got so much more from it than I expected. Not only do I get a clear vision of possible pathways towards a new career, but I also got to understand the reasons for my unhappiness with my current job and got to understand myself better. I also felt some of the sessions were therapeutics : since my undertaking a skill appraisal was linked to a burn-out, it felt great to have a few sessions during which I could really explain what was wrong with my current position and to feel listened to.

—  CF, October 2020

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