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All I want for 2020 is....

January is the avalanche of newsletters, good resolutions, goals to achieve, wishes for success, family reconciliations, weight loss, getting back to music, sports, meditation ... We even receive anti-resolution wishes ... for what the New Year's resolutions are worth ... we say that it is better not to have them, at least we will not be disappointed and we will not put any pressure on ourselves! Finally living day by day is good!

In our end of the year family road trip, like any self-respecting coach, to fill the hours in the car and also because I somewhat believe in it (otherwise I will not do this job :)) I started the "what are your goals for 2020?" conversation. My oldest son loves these subjects and is always very talkative. As a reserve in the US Marines and wishing to join the French Special Forces, his goals are numerous, clear, specific, measurable and .... stratospheric! 

My second son, a little more reserved (not the same reserve as the first ☺), did not speak for a long time (compared to his brother) and had 2 objectives. I think he doesn't like to put too much pressure on himself, he likes to have some leeway.

My third son, as talkative as the first, started with an interesting sentence: "before I did not really set goals. Last year I had fun setting some for the year and I admit that I had them in mind all year long and I almost reached all of them. I could see the difference with the previous years where I had none." And he unpacked his list of goals for 2020 that never ended…. And which is quite ambitious ... I look forward to the end of the year! My daughter was not in the car. Mine are pretty clear and my husband cleared off :(

So whatever your temperament is, whether you like to set goals, whether you want to let go this year for once, whether your resolutions are clear, precise or with a little room for maneuver, I wish you a happy new year!

And that at the end of this year you can contemplate it with gratitude, satisfaction and empathy

Since 2014 I provide coaching services to young people from 15 to 25 years old, adults in career transition and expatriates. 

I support teenagers and young adults willing to

- Define a fulfilling career path

- Enhance their self-esteem

- Manage their time

- Reduce their stress

... adults and expatriates willing to

- Integrate in their adopted country

- Succeed in their international career transition

- Take up the challenges of their expatriation

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