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Get ready! The power of a Vision

To keep you motivated toward an outcome, I can't emphasize enough the importance of having a VISION in mind. Ex 1: Claire wanted to become a physical therapist Ex 2: John wanted to raise his grades in literature 

1. Visualize mentally what you want: what specifically do you want to achieve?

Claire made a drawing of her graduation day as a physical therapist, with her classmates holding their diploma! John pictured himself receiving an A in literature.

2. Make it as clear as possible: What? Where? When? How? With whom?

Claire added lots of details with caps and gowns obviously, all the families and friends who came for the graduation, the speeches, the choir, even the marching band. It was a beautiful day and everybody came to celebrate!

John was sitting at his desk in the middle of the class. The teacher asked, as usual, one of the student to hand out the essays. He could feel how excited he was because he knew it was a good one. He imagined the student giving back the essays to all the students and finally come to him with a smile on her face.

3. Imagine you already did it: what do you have? What is the feeling? How can you describe it? 

Claire could feel how proud she was. No more tension, a feeling of accomplishment, proud she didn't give up her dreams when times where hard. She felt also excited because she knew from the beginning she did the right choice.

John felt relieved and proud. Relieved because there is always a part (the grade) he couldn't control. Proud because of all the efforts he put to make it happens, all the discussions with the teachers and the work with classmates.

4. Go back to the present tense. What is the 1st WDA (Well Designed Action) to make this vision a reality?

The first step for Claire was to contact a friend of her who was a physical therapist to talk whit him about the electives she should take as well as having a meeting with her college counselor.

For John, the first step was to talk with his teacher to figured out what he needed to improve. Then he wanted to try to work with one of his classmate to see how he works and what is the difference between the 2 of them. ​

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