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How to choose your career?

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Understand what drives you

What do you love, What you are good at and What's important for you?

What's important for you? Select your top 5 values. Exercise to find your values: imagine you are an alien. You visited the planet earth. You go back to your planet and have to do a report on what you really liked about humans. It will give you lots of information about your values.

What do you love? Some people have passions. Knowing your passion and nurturing it is a big part of stepping up as a leader. As obvious as it sounds, you have to know what you love and why you love it.  Exercise to identify your passion: - What do you love to do? - If you had 2 weeks completely free, what would you like to pursue? - Is there anything odd that you are interested in that most of your friend are not?

What are you good at? Some people don't have passions. But we are all good at something!  Questions to ask yourself: - What particular skill(s) do I have? - How am I different from someone else? - For what particular things people come to me?

Explore Job's standards

You have to define the characteristics of your ideal job.

  • In which physical environment do you want to work? indoor/outdoor?

  • Do you want to work from home?

  • How flexible are you in terms of hours?

Select possible careers

Be curious! Leave your comfort zone! Where can you find infos about possible careers? online, career fairs, career counselors...ask questions around you. I challenge you to make a list of 50 jobs you could consider!!!!

Set your project step by step

  • What do you need to make that happened?

  • What is missing?

  • What is one thing you would like to do right now?

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