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On your marks, ready? GO!

A good beginning is half the battle won!

7 Reasons why students fail classes:

  • Motivation: 35%

  • Study habits: 17%

  • Academic preparedness: 12%

  • Attitudes: 11%

  • External factors: 11%

  • Instruction: 10%

  • Relevancy issues: 4%

"Students are aware that the reason why they fail courses most often resides within themselves and are under their own power and responsibility" (Cherif, Movahedzadeh, Adams, and Dunning 2013).

4 simple keys to make 2018-2019 successful!?

  • Vision. Don’t begin your school year without knowing where you want to go. Successful athletes have an outcome and plan their actions based on the outcome they want to achieve. Every action is designed for a result. We use the Vision and the WDA (well designed action) tools!

  • Put fun/passion in your agenda. It’s like a diet, if it’s too difficult, too restrictive, too oppressive, you will quit. Balance what you have to do with what you like to do. One of the first students I worked with likes playing the guitar but stopped several years ago (he doesn't know exactly why!). He finally found a band to play with once a week as a reward and felt more balanced.

  • Fight against assumption!! We usually assume that what we want to achieve is more difficult that what it takes in reality. Josh, loved the Assumption Chart's tool! He used to procrastinate to do his paperwork thinking it will take too much time and was surprised to realize that not only it was easier than expected but it would free up space on his hard drive (or decrease his mental load).

  • Take action. Don’t wait until you are motivated to take action! It might never come. Performance precedes motivation. One of the most surprising thing about motivation is that it often comes after starting a new behavior, not before! During our last session with Mat, we did a traditional assessment and he was really surprised to realize all the things he had done since the beginning of our coaching relationship!

So let's get started!

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