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Orientation Coaching - What's next for my teen?

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Your teen doesn't know what to do after she/he graduates from high school. You don't know how to help your teens find their career path.

For now rates of acceptance for fall 2019 are not out yet. It is too early to speculate about what is currently happening. But looking back to previous years, it isn't a new phenomenon.

The orientation program will help them

  • Be clear with what they want. Together we will clarify their goal

  • Be clear with who they are. Together we will clarify their skills, passions, talents, strengths.

  • Be clear with what's possible. Together we will explore different career paths, open the realm of the possible.

  • Be clear with what block them. Together we will explore what block them and what they need to change to move forward. The most difficult step is the first one.

  • Be clear with the action step. Together we will set their project step by step

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