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Resolution rhymes with Motivation - What Motivates You?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

1st tool: The core motivation exercise

Understand what motivates you is a tremendous tool to overcome challenges and do what needs to be done. This tool is a map to increase your self-awareness, gives you useful tips for better communication and helps you make empowered choices. There are 9 different core motivation types; everyone has a little of each type but you are only one core type.

Type #1: the Perfectionist. His core motivation is I am OK if everything is perfect.

Type #2: the Helper. Her core motivation is I am OK if I can help others.

Type #3: the Doer. His core motivation is I am OK if I am the best.

Type #4: the Artist. Her core motivation is I am OK if I can express myself and if I am understood.

Type #5: the Thinker. His core motivation is I am Ok if I am right.

Type #6: the Friend. Her core motivation is I am OK if I do what is expected.

Type #7: the Optimist. His core motivation is I am OK if I get what I want.

Type #8: the Defender. Her core  motivation is I am OK if I am in control.

Type #9: the Peacemaker. His core motivation is I am OK if everything is peaceful.

You can read the 9 paragraphs, find your type and take a look at the exercises for personal growth here.

  • What is your primary core motivation?

  • What challenges do you have to face?

  • What is one exercise for personal growth you would like to try in the next couple of days?

2nd tool: Conditional (external) vs Intrinsic (internal) motivation

Understand the different kind and styles of motivation to consciously tap into the one that works best for you.

  • Conditional (external) motivation is being motivated to do something for the sake of an external benefit.

  • Intrinsic (internal) motivation is being motivated to do something because the action itself is the reward.

While conditional motivation works well in the short-term, to be successful without stress, it's important to find a way to be intrinsically motivated. In other words, you must find a way to balance doing your work for the sake of the grade/salary with doing your work because learning and doing the work is enjoyable.

  • When do you find yourself using conditional motivation?

  • For which activities do you naturally use intrinsic motivation?

  • In your (school)work, what's your balance between conditional and intrinsic motivation?

  • What is one thing you could do to shift that balance slightly more in the direction of intrinsic motivation?

To learn more, please click here. ​ You found those tools interesting and want to know more about coaching?

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