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The Vision Recording

In the last newsletter I emphasized the power of having a vision in mind to keep you motivated toward an outcome. This month, it's time to create a reminder for that vision. 

What do you ideally want in each area of your wheel of life, in 3 months from now? Add as much details as you can. The richer your vision is, the more useful it will be! 

Ex1: you want more family time during the summer break? great! what kind of family time? going to the cinema together? you want to try a new restaurant? you want to play basketball with your mum and ping pong with your dad? go to the beach and play with the dog?

​Ex2: you want to make some changes in your room and take advantage of the summer break to organize it? what do you want? what color do you want? what kind of space do you need? what do you need to get rid of? what would you like instead? 

And now it's time to record your vision!

Imagine yourself in 3 months from now. You accomplished your vision, in each area of the wheel. Yes! you did it! Ex: You went to the cinema with your family twice during the summer! or you tried this new restaurant! or you played a full basketball match with your mum! your room is now green and purple and you made some spaces in your closet!

From this time in the future, record yourself as if that outcome is real and you already did it! You can add some background music. But most importantly, don't forget to say the date out loud! It's fun to go back to the recording.... ​Do this exercise every other 3 months!

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