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What are your "PewDiePies" 2018?

One week ago I didn’t know who PewDiePie was, until my teenagers showed me the most disliked video of all time, the rewind of 2018 from Youtube! Why the yearly retrospective of youtube earned that title in less than 2 weeks? Because they “forgot” PewDiePie! And what is the rewind of the year on youtube about? The most important things/events that happened in the past year. PewDiePie is maybe the most popular YouTuber with more than 77 millions subscribers! (for those who have never heard about him before, like me!) Probably the same subscribers didn’t really appreciate this exclusion and wanted to show their disapproval! Like we say in French “do not take the children of God for wild ducks!” When you don’t talk about something or someone it’s like they never existed! Except it rarely works that way! You can have a tendency to “forget” but it often comes back as a boomerang!

Don't forget your "PewDiePies"!

Like youtube, let’s rewind 2018, and the most significant events of the year! Don’t forget your “PiewDiePies”! or they will come back as a boomerang! Wrapping up in coaching is almost as important as the work itself! And lots of “aha” moments occur during that time! We all had glorious moments, beautiful successes, ups but also downs, obstacles, setbacks! Take note of the past year, to congratulate ourselves (it’s important to learn to  congratulate ourselves without expecting it from others), to kick ourselves up (others are too gentle/ too polite to be really honest therefore we have to do the job ourselves) and mostly to know how to change direction when it is necessary, in short, know how to lay the groundwork for the following year.

Inventory is like backpacking: Sort your belongings to take only the necessary!

Rewind 2018......

  • 1 thing that worked?

  • 1 thing that didn't work?

  • 1 thing you learned?

  • 1 thing that motivated you?

  • 1 thing that stays incomplete and you want to finalize by next year?

... and write 2019

  • What is your SMIT for 2019? (Single Most Important Thing)

  • What am I going to do more?

  • What am I going to do less?

  • What am I going to stop doing?

  • What am I going to do finally?

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