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What is your teen's learning style?

Are you a visual, an audio or a kinesthetic learner?

“The grades you earn are not a reflection of your intelligence. They are a reflection of the system and habits that you use to learn. If you change your system, you will change the outcome. This concept is designed to help you think about school and your classes differently.”

A common question is whether certain learning styles are better than others. The answer is, ‘Yes.’ It can be unfortunate, but certain learning styles are better suited for academic success. A visual learning style is the strongest academically, followed by audio, and trailed by kinesthetic. If your strongest learning style is either audio or kinesthetic, it’s best if you develop that style as well as strengthen your visual prowess.

How to determine your learning style? Take the quiz here.

Recommendations for exercises that will stretch and strengthen your learning styles:


When reading go straight to creating a picture in your head.Draw a quick sketch of the picture when studying.Spell words in their mind’s eye forwards and backwards.Practice taking a perfect “snap shot” of the information then recreating it on a blank sheet of paper.


Make up funny ways to say important words or information. Rhyming and alliteration are great.Create a quick verbal summary of the information.Say it out loud or write it down. The act of creating speech is a great way for audio learners to study.


Flashcards are key, especially the act of making flashcards helps so much. (Really flashcards are good for each learning style, but especially kinesthetic learners).Take notes. By engaging in movement, kinesthetic learners are better able to understand the material.When reading scan through the material quickly, then go back and pick up the detail. 

Together we can build your learning style for academic success and see how to best integrate your learning style into a study method to free up your time and your energy for other passions or activities.

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